“John, Downloaded your book and have finished it. So what did you do, hire Grisham or Patterson to write it for you? Could not put it down! Viet Nam War has had far reaching consequences, but what has been neglected is the scope and impact on an entire generation-ours. Another pet peeve of mine is the neglect of history to point out how people like you came back and lived good, productive lives. You were the majority by far...”
“The book really inspired me to think in a different way and to give my best in every situation. Every story that John tells, has a lesson and one can learn a lot from it...”
“John B. explores the moral and physiological implications of the War. He gives a clear connection and meaning between friendship, courage, and loyalty. The best part about this book is its truth...”
“Unlike other novels that include stories about Viet Nam, Klondike Playboy is really about the life of one person and how his life decisions and experiences shaped who he is today. I found this more like a "coming of age" novel rather than a war memoir. I very much liked Klondike Playboy because of the unique glimpse it gave me into how one person coped with life, war, and life after war. But more importantly, there are broader life lessons in this book that made me reflect on the decisions and experiences I have had in my own life. I recommend it because it's fun, interesting, a quick read and not the usual book about the Viet Nam experience...”
"I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite its minor flaws. It gives a unique insight into the development of someone I admire for his recent achievements in care for older people, and a whole new perspective on the Vietnam war."
Steve Hards