About The Book


This is not a book by an experienced author nor will it be on a list of great literature, but you will laugh out loud while enjoying the tales of a great story teller. Live with John as he moves from boy to man, learning to accept responsibility for himself and others as he meets and exceeds his own expectations. As chance and opportunity presented themselves, and because John was in the right place at the right time, he reached out and took them. As circumstances unfolded and he was handed extra responsibility, he took the tiger by the tail and did the best he could. And, he never missed an opportunity to have fun while he was at it...


About The Author



John Boden served as a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot in Viet Nam, successfully completing more than 750 combat missions. During his serving in the Marines he was made a Marine Cadet (MARCAD). Prior to starting ElderIssues, LLC in 2001 John was the founder of Personal Care Managers, Inc. (PCM), a professional geriatric care management company that begun in 1988. That company helped elders and their families navigate every area of eldercare. John is a nationally recognized expert in elder care issues and geriatric care management. He has served as President of the Florida Guardianship Association and has been an active member in the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers and the National Guardianship Association. He has also served the Florida Bar's Elder Law Section. Prior to founding PCM in 1988, John held executive positions in sales, marketing, and operations at several entrepreneurial firms.